Sustainable Compliance for Critical Infrastructure Security
Maximize your IT security by empowering your compliance team


Digital transformation has a major impact on most industries. Industrial systems and critical infrastructures are no exceptions. However, this sector is also significantly more exposed to cybersecurity risks, due to its infrastructural characteristics and its significance in national security.

Keeping pace with the fast-changing regulatory environment and the constantly emerging IT security threats is a challenging task for every business enterprise, and it is even more so for critical service infrastructure providers. ViVeSec is ready to empower the compliance teams to respond to the latest regulations and address the novel forms of IT security risks.

Join our free webinar to learn our innovative approach to compliance auditing that will save you a great amount of time, effort and costs. Our solution combines well-known audit practices with the latest technology trends such as workflow automation and document management.

You will get an insight into:

  • Latest compliance management techniques
  • How to address the new challenges posed by ISO 27001 and BSI-KRITIS
  • Implementing a workflow automation suite for compliance management