The automated Information Security Management System

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Industry-Specific Solution

IT security service tailored to the specific needs of critical infrastructures

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Standardized IT Security Processes

Implementation and development of ISO 27001 in an industrial environment

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Cutting audit costs in half

Reducing the resource need and cost requirements of audits with automation

Critical Infrastructure Security

The systems of industrial companies - and especially of critical infrastructure providers - have traditionally been very vulnerable to cyber-attacks. They are lagging far behind, and by their nature are more difficult to protect, as they need to be remotely accessible and unobstructed for operational and intervention purposes.

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ViVeSec is a fully automated service that enables the simple and cost-effective implementation and operation of the ISO27001 information security standard based on customized parameters specifically for critical infrastructure providers.

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Our mission is to enable industrial companies and infrastructure providers to optimize their operational efficiency and significantly accelerate their industry- and legal compliance with the help of our products and our expertise.

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